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Recently featured in The Observer, Paperless audio magazine is a podcast by Vespuccci. In 2021/22 Julian produced original music for a range of episodes narrated by well known voices including Steve Buscemi and Elle Fanning.


A podcast by human rights organisation, Article 19. This podcast tells the stories of journalists and activists around the world whose governments attempt to rein them in and cover up the truth. The podcast features original music from Julian throughout and was featured in the Financial Times.


Coffee & Flowers

In 2019 Julian wrote original music for the Webby Award-winning music podcast, Coffee & Flowers, about, The National. Featuring interviews with the band this series discusses their seminal album, Boxer.

To The Point

This podcast from consultancy Portland Communications discusses the big questions in media, politics, business and PR, featuring leading experts and thinkers in these fields. Julian wrote and produced To The Point's theme tune.

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