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Migraine x INDI

Migraine features lyrics and vocals from INDI. The song was written via Zoom during the 2021 winter lockdowns and released on 4th March 2022. It discusses toxicity in relationships and the lines between pleasure and pain.


21 features lyrics and vocals from Wyldest. Julian and Zoe met in the London live scene when Dios Mio and Wyldest shared a stage. Drawing on their dream pop roots, 21 reflects on the journey of your early 20s and growing self-confidence.

'Contemplative, cinematic and yet also accessible'


This track was written after the first lockdown as a way of dealing with a sense of overwhelm. An instrumental track, it aims to conjure the feeling of trying to still thoughts while they are swirling, and the equal parts of focus and frustration that involves.​

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